Nature in Northern Vietnam

CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS The long Tet holiday was great for relaxation, but we wanted to get our blood flowing again. With a little less than 2 weeks left on our visas, we narrowed our sights to two spots in Northern Vietnam, water based adventures in Halong Bay and trekking in the mountains around Sapa, […]

Tet in Hoi An

CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS While Saigon was shutting down for the long lunar new year holiday, the light traffic consisting mainly of kumquat trees and apricot blossoms being delivered on the backs of bikes, things were just picking up in Hoi An. It was the perfect place for us to experience the festivities, hordes of […]

Mekong to Saigon

CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS Another long overland travel day took us across the border from Kampot, Cambodia into Vietnam, this time in a 30-seat mini-bus bursting at the seams. All passengers were forced into fetal position, knees pressed against chin. The aisle, my only saving grace, quickly filled up with boxes and unlucky teenagers on […]