Iguazu Falls

CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS And we thought Curitiba was chilly! Getting off the bus in shorts and a t-shirt with the temp in the low-30’s, Stephen was apparently a bit of a curiosity as he was being filmed by a guy with a tripod and video camera. We laughed later when we caught his international […]

Southern Brasil

CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS With our time in Brasil winding down, we continued our journey south to Santos to meet up with our friend, Gustavo. For a week we became part of his family and enjoyed a vacation from the constant traveling. It was nice to be in a home again, with all the comforts […]

Brasil – Rio de Janeiro

CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS It was quite the dramatic shift from the isolated tributaries of the Amazon to the modern streets of Rio. We walked and ran past multi-million dollar flats and hotels way out of our price range bordering the famous beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana. Ignoring our dislike of organized tours for once, […]

Brasil – Amazon

CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS Our first contact with Amazonia was in the city of Belem, situated at the mouth of the Amazon River as it exits into the Atlantic Ocean. Aside from a restored warehouse district on the waterfront that is as nice (and expensive) as anywhere in the world, Belem is a gritty place […]

Brasil – Bahia & Paraiba

CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS Carnaval in Salvador is definitely the world’s biggest party and it was slightly overwhelming to be in the middle of 2M+ people dancing and drinking. Having been forewarned about sticky fingers, we never took our camera with us and thus weren’t able to really capture our personal experience. We were able […]