Hasta luego, Bolivia – La Paz, Sorata, & Lago Titicaca

CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS Resting high in the Andes with the Cordillera Real stretching along to the northeast, Nevado Illimani dominates the skyline of La Paz. Descending from the bleak altiplano into the wide valley, it appears as though the buildings are literally pressed into every available square inch, even up the steep, red hillsides […]

Bolivia – Huayna Potosí

CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS When writing the previous blog last Saturday, we had no clue what was about to happen. Scheduled to leave for our climb Monday morning, we filled our bellies with protein. Unfortunately, the ‘yard-bird’ had a special guest – salmonella. Lisan had a violent reaction and required being scraped up off the […]

Bolivia – Sucre

CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS Originally, we were only planning on staying in Sucre for a few days. Upon arrival, we were actually even a little bit annoyed by the town, which seemed to be pricey and a bit “gringofied.” Luckily, we walked to the top of the hill to check out Café Mirador for an […]

Bolivia – Potosí

CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS Potosí is a city of superlatives. It was once the richest and most populous city in the world thanks to the billions of dollars worth of silver that has been extracted from the mighty Cerro Rico, the mountain that has been its lifeblood for the last 500 years. Remnants of its […]

Bolivia – Uyuni 4×4

CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS With an early morning start out of Chile, we emerged from our bus at the barren Bolivian border to face intense cold and wind. This was our introduction to altitude at 16,000’; the rest of the trip would drop as low as 12,000’ but usually stay over 15,000’. After a simple […]