Roaming Around Romania

CLICK HERE FOR PHOTO ALBUM After the unexpected highlights in Bulgaria, I was really looking forward to Romania and, in particular, Transylvania. Things started off well, if long, during a full day journey on three different trains from Varna, on the Black Sea coast, to Brasov in the Carpathian Mountains. Facebook Pinterest Twitter

Blown Away by Bulgaria

CLICK HERE FOR PHOTO ALBUM I wasn’t really sure what to expect from Bulgaria as it isn’t really considered a hot travel destination (other than the resorts on the Black Sea) and there is a relative shortage of info about it. But I had already booked a plane ticket out of Romania and figured I’d check […]

Bosnia & Serbia

CLICK HERE FOR PHOTO ALBUM Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, and Montenegro (which we had visited in September) were all part of the former Yugoslavia, which violently imploded in the 1990s. While it seemed that Croatia has done a pretty good job of recovering and moving forward, I was interested to see how Bosnia and Serbia compared. […]

Chilling in Scandinavia

CLICK HERE FOR PHOTO ALBUM Our time with the Viel clan was quickly coming to an end, extended slightly by hopping on the same flight as Jas & Marc from Prague to Stockholm. We parted ways in the trendy Arlanda airport, leaving them to wait for their flight back to LAX while we jumped on a […]

Summer’s End in Croatia

CLICK HERE FOR PHOTO ALBUM Summer was waning. It became apparent as we passed through the fortified walls of Dubrovnik’s old city after 34 hours of travel from Sri Lanka. Softer light with golden hues, bronzed skin increasingly covered with fabric, cafes closing a little earlier each night, opening a little later each morning. The […]

Iberian Peninsula

CLICK HERE FOR PHOTO ALBUM We had high expectations for Spain. From Moorish architecture and influence, to cheap beer and wine in social outdoor settings, to beautiful public spaces, to the pride-filled food displays in mercados. Facebook Pinterest Twitter

Turquoise Riviera

TRY OUT THE INTERACTIVE PHOTO STORY IF THAT DOESN’T WORK,CLICK HERE FOR PHOTO ALBUM We were in need of a more sociable atmosphere. After being holed up in a cabin in Çirali nursing a cold, followed by two days of self-guided hiking on the Lycian Way, I welcomed boarding an 11-passenger “Blue Cruise” that would […]