Slowing Down in Sri Lanka

“Learning Not to Get Hung Up on Hangers”   CLICK HERE FOR PHOTO ALBUM The primary reason for heading to Sri Lanka was a 10-day Vipassana meditation course offered at Dhamma Kuta, a former tea plantation in the lush foothills outside of Kandy. Vipassana, which means to see things as they really are, is one […]

Northern India – Himalayas to Delhi

CLICK HERE FOR PHOTO ALBUM While the trek through Markha Valley was more about experiencing rural life in the Himalayas, relying on homestays, the 5-day trek from Tso Kar to Tso Moriri was closer to the other end of the spectrum. Not entirely at the far end, our self-reliance limited to setting up our own […]

Himalayas – Markha Valley Trek

CLICK HERE FOR PHOTO ALBUM Ever since Bolivia, we’ve been anticipating our next high altitude adventure. Not another climb to the top of a 20,000′ peak (I’m OK with that being a ‘tried it once, never doing it again’ sort of thing), but a proper multi-night trek that gets us into a rhythm of eat, […]

Turquoise Riviera

TRY OUT THE INTERACTIVE PHOTO STORY IF THAT DOESN’T WORK,CLICK HERE FOR PHOTO ALBUM We were in need of a more sociable atmosphere. After being holed up in a cabin in Çirali nursing a cold, followed by two days of self-guided hiking on the Lycian Way, I welcomed boarding an 11-passenger “Blue Cruise” that would […]

Bali – Unreal Expectations

CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS There’s a lot of pressure to like Bali. I always thought of it as the exotic escape (probably more to do with Eat Pray Love than I care to admit). Good marketing has branded it as tropical paradise with heart and soul. But like an expensive bottle of wine, when everyone […]

Hot & Cold in Komodo

CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS We both got the same feeling as our plane banked sharply over the lush green ridges of the island of Flores – this was the “different” we were seeking after the predictability of the southern Thailand beaches. It’s the sense of adventure, knowing that we’d walk away with experiences uniquely linked […]

The Elusive Andaman Mai Tai

CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS Peering over the rooftop balustrade of Kama B&B, we waited like eager children for Mikki and Christian to arrive after a 7-hour delay. Traveling with just the two of us for so many months, it was nice to have a new dynamic, with fresh but familiar faces joining us for a […]

A New Decade in Myanmar

CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS I didn’t expect to spend my 30th birthday in Myanmar. It isn’t sexy; it’s far from luxurious (at least on our budget). Our two weeks spent wrapped up in a hot and parched landscape, nearly the peak of dry season, slowing us down and giving us an opportunity to practice stillness. […]

Nature in Northern Vietnam

CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS The long Tet holiday was great for relaxation, but we wanted to get our blood flowing again. With a little less than 2 weeks left on our visas, we narrowed our sights to two spots in Northern Vietnam, water based adventures in Halong Bay and trekking in the mountains around Sapa, […]