Belize & Mexico

CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS There is a reason why nobody hangs out in mainland Belize – the water around the barrier islands is absolutely amazing. Along with everyone else, we jumped on the first ferry to Caye Caulker and couldn’t believe the color of the water on the way over. Unfortunately since it’s a small […]


CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS Getting into Guatemala was not fun. For some reason, they timed the shuttle to drive through the ugly urban sprawl of Guatemala City smack dab in the middle of rush hour on a Friday evening. We spent 2+ hours in stuck in bumper to bumper gridlock behind buses belching black diesel […]


CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS While we enjoyed the raw experience in Nicaragua, we had heard too many sketchy stories about El Salvador and Honduras to be excited. Since we aren’t hardcore surfers, we decided to skip El Salvador entirely (it’s actually the only country in Central America that you can bypass overland). The plan was […]


CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS We had been looking forward to Nicaragua since before the trip even started due to it being touted as more raw and providing a real Central American feel. Crossing the border from the more refined Costa Rica, we were quickly shown just how much more raw it is. Hot, dirty, crowded, […]

Costa Rica

CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS Dominical was just what we had in mind when we crossed over into Costa Rica. It was the perfect little beach town. With two dusty roads to its name, it isn’t as developed as the coast further north; still a place where the entire town congregates on the beach to watch […]


CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS We learned quickly that this trip was going to be very different from our South America excursion. To begin, there are a lot more tourists crammed into a lot less space. Couple this with the peak holiday travel season and it makes it hard to do anything on the fly. We […]

Central America is calling

Well, it’s that time again – time to load up the backpacks and go explore. Hard to believe, but it’s been over two years since we got back from South America and we’ve been looking forward to the next trip that whole time. While this one isn’t going to be quite so extensive, it should […]

Back, back, to Cali, Cali!

CLICK HERE FOR PHOTO ALBUM Returning home after nine months of intensive travel is a bit of an unsettling experience. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of benefits to coming home – reuniting with friends and family, resuming a more structured lifestyle, and enjoying the small constants like being able to grab a Double-Double […]


CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS We had originally been a little apprehensive about going to Colombia, but decided it was the just what we needed after our experience in Ecuador – warm sun and great beaches. Besides, we found cheap flights home from Panama and it was on the way. Facebook Pinterest Twitter